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Hilt works with individuals and organisations to help you navigate your way through the career planning and employment maze.

What we do

Career Management &
Career Development Training

Do you need help deciding on your next career move? We can help.

Business and Management Training, Employee Career Development & Outplacement Services

Student Employability Skills Training

Who we are

On average people spend between 50 – 60% of their waking weekday hours working or thinking about work. That’s a lot of wasted time if you are not interested in, enjoying or feeling fulfilled by what you do.

We provide services to individuals and companies helping them with their Career Management and Development Training.

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Why choose us

High-quality services

Practical and effective support tailored to your needs

Industry experience

Knowledge and experience of over 30 industries

Expert advice

A network of experienced professionals

Individual Approach

We take time to get to know our clients and suggest an approach tailored just for them

Learning Materials

Comprehensive practical tools to maximise your chances of success

Global Perspective

Clients across Europe, US and Asia have successfully used our services

Your Career Advice Playlist

Instant career advice and how to answer interview questions

Our Happy Clients

Hilt has helped 1,000s of people across all industries, professions and levels of career experience identify and achieve their career goals.

100% of our clients would recommend us to a colleague or friend.

Hilt’s service is very professional both in preparation and follow up. The detailed technique they use for training is really effective. They were so accurate in predicting the questions. I would highly recommend the service to anyone attending an interview.


Technology sector

With the daunting task of CV preparation after seventeen years in one industry, I found the Hilt team’s advice very helpful. Their expertise resulted in producing a CV that reads professionally and reflects the changes in my experience gained over the extended timeframe.


Accounting and Finance sector

Couldn’t recommend this service enough. I was hugely successful in my goal and I know I couldn’t have done as well without the help of Hilt and the team there as I was thoroughly prepared with the right level of expertise.


Pharma/Medical Device sector

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