Public Sector Job Interview – the computer will see you now

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Applying for a public sector role? Get ready for your one-way interview


We’ve spoken before about one-way (asynchronous) Video Interviews (VIs). Used by multinational organisations with huge recruitment departments to filter out candidates before meeting them in person. HOWEVER –  If you are planning to apply for a public sector/ Government agency role be aware that the assessment may now include a VI as part of the process!  

The public sector appointments service will include a video interview as part of its selection process for many of their senior roles. After you’ve completed the application form and before you get to meet with a real live interview panel, you have to pass an asynchronous video test with required minimum qualifying scores to progress you to the next stage.

Bad News – they are NOT an enjoyable experience
VI’s are quite challenging to complete. Doing a face to face interview is stressful enough – doing an interview by recording your answers to questions that appear in front of you on your screen can be even worse! Completing an interview with no interaction or feedback can feel a little like talking to the wall and getting everything you want to say into a 2-minute window can be pretty daunting.  

Good News. No Question Shock
This employer isn’t completely heartless though- they do inform you in advance what the questions will be! In addition, they don’t score your answer to the first question which allows you scope to practice and get one answer under your belt before taking on the rest of the interview.

Is this a surprising innovation? Absolutely not! As a large employer, it makes sense to use this existing technology. You will be given an opportunity before starting the “interview” to  practice to make sure it’s doesn’t feel completely weird. Or, better still, enlist our help and complete VI training before taking it on.

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