5 Ways to Prepare for an Online Careers Fair

As events such as the Gradireland Summer online careers fair 2021 come closer, we will take a look at how you can put your best foot forward, and stand out from the crowd as a prospective employee through these 5 key steps:

  1. Don’t be a Stranger

Many webinars and online career fairs will ask you to fill in some details about who you are, your reason for attending, and your qualifications before registering for the event. Don’t just treat this as an unnecessary formality, this data is often used by the employers when meeting 1:1 to know who they are dealing with. A well-built profile will get you off to a strong start and make you more memorable. Be comfortable talking through your experiences, and practice your elevator pitch. For an added bonus, have a CV printed to hand for reference, and also be ready to email it at a moments notice!

2. Research the Companies

Knowing who you are going to be talking to and what the business does will allow you to get down to the important details on what skills to develop and what the company may be looking for in a candidate. During an online careers fair, employers are not interested in, and do not expect to explain the basics of their business model 100 times. Ask questions that display an existing understanding, and genuine interest.

3. Be Professional

Dress sharp, get the right background, prepare good lighting and test your equipment! You only get one first impression, to leave a good one you need to look the part. Of course, this goes beyond appearances, remember to avoid slang and jargon, and don’t forget to smile.

4. Confidence is Key

Speaking up about your constructive thoughts, queries and ideas can bring you a long way. Try to speak clearly and be confident in what you say. Confidence is a skill built upon practice and knowledge. If this doesn’t come naturally to you despite preparing, – fake it until you make it!

5. Follow Up

This is perhaps the most important step, and often the most forgotten one. After a meeting, connect with the members on LinkedIn, drop a thank you email and be on the look out for job postings on their website. This shows courtesy, professionalism and goes a long way in being remembered. If they do not provide the necessary details for this, just ask for it at the end.

For more information on how to best prepare yourself as a candidate, click here for more Hilt resources.

To join the Gradireland online careers fair, follow this link: https://gradireland.com/events/gradireland-summer-fair

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