About Us

At Hilt, we help you navigate through the employment maze.

Hilt has helped 1000’s of people across all industries, professions and levels of career experience identify and achieve their career goals.

We are known for our proactive, realistic, encouraging and engaging approach when working with clients, both individually and in groups. We know that managing your career can be a mixed bag of highs and lows, confusion, self-doubt and wondering what else you could do.

The good news is this is normal. We see this every day. We can help you gain clarity about where you want your career to go and how you can put a plan in place to get there.

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Our Amazing Team

Helping individuals and organizations navigate their way through the career planning and employment maze


Sinéad English

Careers Consultant and founder of Hilt

Sinéad has worked with organisations across a broad spectrum of industries delivering management training workshops and also engages in one-to-one career training sessions with individuals.


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Siobhan White

Director of Individual Services

Siobhan joined the Hilt team October 2019, bringing more than 20 years’ experience in client career services and training, Siobhan’s passion is supporting others to achieve their career goals and full potential and she engages directly with our clients.

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