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CV & Interview 101 BOOK

Are you trying to write your CV or getting ready to do a job interview? This book gives highly practical and instantly actionable advice on 101 issues, questions and scenarios most frequently encountered by people when applying and interviewing for jobs. When you don’t have your own personal CV and interview coach on speed dial this book is the next best thing.

Straight-talking, instructive and using templates and worksheets to help you give the employer exactly what they want to see and hear, it will make the task of securing your ideal job significantly easier and a lot less stressful.

Your Career Advice Playlist

Instant career advice and how to answer interview questions

Free guides and How To's


competency based interviews

Tips on how to structure your answer using the STAR technique and maximise your chances of success at interview.

How To

employer research before an interview

Use this Employer Research guide and checklist to make sure your research is up to date and on target for your interview.

How To

write a great Cover Letter

Cover Letters can be challenging. Use this 5 paragraph Cover Letter structure to ensure your application gets noticed.


why your CV isn’t working

Use these 30 seconds and 3 minute CV review checklists to see how well your CV stands up to scrutiny.


What is an Assessment Centre?

Guide to the different activities and tasks within an Assessment Centre.

How To

Answer Tell me about yourself

Guide on how to structure your answer to this extremely popular interview question.

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Career Coaching Programme

We help you develop strategies to identify and support your career aims and aspirations. During the consultations, you will review where you are now and where you want to be, supported by our experts and the exercises developed by us.

Career Coaching Programme

includes 4 hours (2 x 2 hour sessions) of face-to-face and/or Skype sessions with email support in-between, usually over a 2-month period.
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Interview Training for Interviewers

This training workshop gives participants the knowledge and skills to conduct effective Competency-based or Behavioural interviews resulting in a fair and transparent process. The course content can be tailored to one-to-one or panel interview scenarios.

Interview Training for Interviewers

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