3 things to do if you want to change career in 2024

2024 will start by many people deciding they want to change job, or even change career. 

On average we will have 12 different jobs over our working life.  However we will have approx. 4 different careers – and each one may be totally unrelated to the previous one


I want to change career…..but I’m not sure how to make it happen…

If you are thinking you may want to change career here are 3 actions you can take to make this happen

Think about if a change of job (a lot easier to do) rather than a complete career change will do the trick?  Assess what your catalyst is for wanting to  change. Maybe you enjoy the content of your job but your toxic work environment or your unreasonable manager or unmotivated colleagues are making you want to get out of there? Would doing a similar job in a different company or work environment solve the problem?  It’s worth thinking about this first rather than opting for a total career reboot.

2. Do your homework, ask questions

To get a better understanding of how feasible it is for you to change career, speak to people you know already working in your targeted industry or role.

Find out if they know anyone who have successfully made a career change into their industry and ask for their permission to follow up with them. 

To get the most from your conversation send them your questions in advance.  30 minutes with them will likely  give you more information than hours spent trawling the internet for inspiration (usually late at night after a particularly bad day at work – sound familiar?).

Many jobs never get advertised and are found through work of mouth and networking. How can people  tell you about those jobs if they don’t know you are interested? Spread the word.

IMPORTANT ! Don’t talk yourself out of contacting people by telling yourself that they are probably too busy or not interested in helping you in your plan to change career. People love talking about themselves.

3. Shelve the CV – for now Lead with yourself

Your current CV is less useful when you are planning a total career change.  It shows that you have diligently spent the last 15 years working your way up the ranks in your company or industry.  Responding to job adverts for a job in a completely new career area using your existing CV will have employers thinking they have the wrong CV. 

“Why is this person applying for this job when their CV shows they have absolutely no relevant experience in this role or industry?”  

While enrolling in a course to upskill in that industry will definitely add to how relevant your CV looks you are still a “story candidate”. You need to be explaining why you want to change rather than leading with your CV. Uploading your CV to 100’s of job adverts doesn’t allow you to do that and will lead to disappointing results.

Don’t stay in a job that is making you miserable. Make 2024 the year of finding your career happiness.