Choosing a Course – Where DO I Begin?

If you are looking through your CV and feeling that your education section looks a little light, outdated or you realise that the role you are aiming for needs to have an additional skill or specialisation, you may be considering choosing a course.

With the onset of the recent pandemic, a large number of educational institutions made much of their content available at little or no cost but on the flip side, there is often now no in-person delivery, so content is delivered remotely though a platform like Zoom or are self-directed where you follow the content yourself.

But before planning to enrol on any course or programme, there are still a number of things you should think about!

Initial Considerations:

Type of course: will a short, single-subject skills-based option meet your needs or do you need something longer with many subjects, for example a full qualification?

Available Time: Are you in a position to study full time or do you need something part-time to fit around your existing employment or other commitments?

Delivery Method: What type of learner are you? Are you disciplined enough to take on an autonomous course, where you work through the content on your own at the time that suits you or do you learn best when you’re in a position to ask questions and discuss the content with the Tutor and the class?

Course Level: Will the level be appropriate to allow you to use it in your role and be valued by employers? Is the course is accredited? If it is something you would like to include on you CV, we would recommend that it does come with certification and be from a recognised institution or awarding body.

Cost: As mentioned, some programmes are currently available for free but not all, so investigate how much the course (and any materials) cost and whether that cost is worth investing in your career?

Geography: There are a huge variety of education providers across the country but with the huge strides in online learning, geography is no longer a limit for engaging in education and you may be able to consider a course pretty much anywhere in the world.

So, take time to identify what will add to your skill set, fully investigate your options then enrol and succeed! 

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