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Find a Job in the Hidden Job Market


Interactive modules





Job Searching? Does this sound familiar?

Are you busy applying for lots of jobs and not getting an interview?

Do you feel that all the job market action is happening somewhere else and you don’t know how to find it?

Do you need to build up your contacts for getting a job but are unsure or nervous about how to do it?

What this course will do for you:

What is included in this course ?

Course Introduction

Learning Path

Welcome to the Course

Welcome to Module 1

Your next move

They are hiring but you are getting nowhere

How Employers Hire

Landing a job


Knowledge Check

Welcome to Module 2

Let’s get started

Trends & Developments

Networking Action Plan – Step 1

Networking Action Plan – Step 2

Hidden Job Market

Knowledge Check

Welcome to Module 3


Informational Interviews in Action

Speculative Approaches

Case Study 1 – Chris

Case Study 2 – Gill

Case Study 3 – Joel

Knowledge Check

Congratulations on completing the course

What people are saying

I’ve had enough of applying for jobs and getting nowhere.

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