How to research a company for a job interview


During your interview it is highly likely that your interviewer will ask you “What do you know about us?” or “Why do you want to work for us?” 

They are testing your motivation and interest in the role and it’s an important part of your interview.

Where do you begin? If your go-to prep consists of learning off and then reciting the ‘about us’ page of their company website you are on the wrong track! 

Companies want more value added than that and want to know that you understand their business.

How to research a company for a job interview (that doesn’t involve you memorising half their website!)

They want to hear what you know about:

    • Recent developments in the company 

    • Where they make their money – products/services

    • Who their main competitors are

    • What you think the key challenges for the future are (for the company and the industry)  

Even better – can you arrange to talk to someone working in the role or department you are interviewing for to find out more about the company culture and what it’s like to work there?

If they are doing the same or similar role, you can find information like what a typical day looks like or the priorities for the department – all very useful information when answering interview questions.

Then when your interviewer asks you “What do you know about us?” you can start your answer with…

“As part of my preparation for this interview I spoke to someone working in the company / this industry and they told me….”

Now you have their attention!

Preparing your answer this way demonstrates to the interviewer that you have an understanding of their company/business AND that you are practical and thorough in how you approach your preparation. 

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