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Category Interview preparation

How to apply and interview for an in-house role


Applying for a promotion or a new in-house role? Have you thought “Is an in-house interview the same as a regular interview? How should I prepare? Surely they already know me and what I do?” The First Golden rule for…

How to Dress Properly for a Job Interview

dress for an interview

So it’s the night before your big interview and you have torn your wardrobe apart in search of the ideal outfit to impress your interviewer. First step: don’t panic. Provided that you are dressed somewhat suitably, your choice of clothes…

Gradireland Summer Fair 2021

event details

We are excited to announce that we will be running a seminar at this years Gradireland Summer Fair 2021! This will be an excellent opportunity for all recent graduates to better prepare themselves for their career ahead, learning some key…

How to start a New Leadership JOB Remotely 

You have just completed a job-hunting marathon and got yourself through the interviews and selection process landing you in a new post- Congratulations! What’s ahead of you now is warming up to a new company, new role and meeting a…