It’s been HOW LONG since you updated your CV?

We see a lot of CVs and we can spot the “I’ll just keep adding jobs on the top” CV a mile off.

Here are the characteristics:

  • You usually have more than 15 years work experience.
  • You  will have worked in the same company for many years and have held several roles within that company.
  • You never needed to pay too much attention to your CV when moving role within the company so just kept adding the job description of your last job (usually cut and pasted from the role description) onto your existing CV – are you recognising yourself yet?
  • The amount of space given on the CV to the job you did 15 years ago is pretty much the same as you are giving to the job you are doing now. Everything gets the same emphasis.
  • It is stuffed with micro detail and difficult for someone who hasn’t been working in that company for many years to figure out what on earth you actually do and, more importantly, how it is relevant to their requirements.  And it’s always more than the recommended 2 pages.
    If this sounds like you then it’s very likely that you are  completely underselling and under representing yourself in your CV.  When you apply for jobs outside your current company you will not be benchmarking your CV against the best in your industry and that can lead to a very negative job search experience.
    We recommend you take several steps back from the detail of your CV and ensure that you are telling prospective employers about the value you can bring to their organisation, rather than simply listing a series of past responsibilities. 
    We work with experienced candidates to rewrite their CV to target and secure interviews for senior level roles.  Contact us to discuss how we can help you.
And PS – unlike our photo your CV should never have Curriculum Vitae typed across the top of it.  We KNOW what it is – put your name there instead!

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