Networking your way to a job – JobNet event

Contributed to an excellent initiative for jobseekers today.  The event – JobNet which runs over 6 consecutive Fridays is run by an organisation called JobCare.   Great involvement and interaction between jobseekers and employers.  Anyone who is unemployed and actively looking for a job should check it out and try to get on the next available programme.  An excellent way to  inject some energy, focus, purpose and momentum into your jobsearch…..and it’s free!
I shared my thoughts and advice with the participants on Networking.  Presentation is here.  JobNet – Networking – 10.03.2017


  1. I found this morning very interesting. I found that by networking you will always have a better chance of getting the job you want if you make a serious effort in your network. Gives you a better chance of meeting the right people for you to get that job.

  2. Some of the points that I found insightful were:
    1) Organise your time more effectively and realise that you have a much better chance of getting a job away from the screen
    2) Time to start taking the “green stuff”. Move out of our comfort zone and learn to how to network effectively.
    3) Do not give up! The first few times is difficult but practice makes perfect.

  3. Thanks for a fantastic presentation Sinead – it generated some great ideas within the group

  4. Really useful and practical presentation on how-to network and the benefits from Sinead yesterday
    I found it very benefical and recommend a read.

  5. Thanks for a great presentation on Friday. It has opened my eyes to how good networking can be. What I have taken away from this presentation is I need to use my existing contacts to find out what job I would like to do next.

  6. A great presentation from Sinead with some very practical tips for networking, which will certainly help make the process a little less daunting.

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