What are people saying about Hilt?

What has Hilt been up to this month?

Hilt has been busy on the road this month travelling across Ireland delivering our career management workshops. We have visited organisations, educational institutions and public events, delivering Career Training to over 200 people at Job Search, Interview Training and CV Writing workshops. From Limerick, Clare and Galway to Offaly, Laois and Dublin here’s what our attendees have been saying about our workshops presented by Sinead English:

What are people saying about our workshops?

“I went home earlier than planned, redone my CV completely with cover letters due the next day. I attended countless ‘job search workshops’ and never gathered as much that what I learned during that session. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with us.”
“Great informative workshop. Very to the point and all information given was to the point and relevant. Thank you Sinead!”
“Sinead was absolutely excellent and so easy to follow. Thank you”
“Excellent course. Would highly recommend it.”
“Sinead was excellent at discussing cv and interview skills. She was engaging and very clear and concise. I would definitely consult with her when going for an important job.”
“Sinead was extremely nice and friendly and made people feel relaxed whilst providing everyone with very useful information.”
“I found this course very useful & Sinead was very professional & lovely to deal with. The course opened my eyes to the ground work & preparation needed for a successful interview however it really boosted my confidence for future interviews.”
“An excellent course to help with completing competency based application forms.”
“The Interview Training Workshop was a good insight to the minds of interviewers, it’s gave so much knowledge of what a “right” and “wrong” answer could be. I have highly recommended this workshop to my colleagues who haven’t attended it yet”
“Learned a lot from this workshop sort of left a bit scared as I really wasn’t prepared as I thought I was Sinead was excellent teacher and great to give advice”
“This workshop was excellent, very informative and Sinead was an engaging presenter.”
“The workshop provided a great roadmap to navigating the job application and interview process.”
If you would like to see how we can also help you, or your groups to access the job market, write an effective CV or present the best at an interview, visit the Hilt website or contact us for more information.
We offer group training, both onsite and via webinars. Our individual services can be accessed in person at our offices in Limerick City Centre or distance training via Skype, email and phone.

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