How to prepare for a Phone or Video Interview- Free 15 minute Webinar

This is a 15 minute Free Webinar which  covers How To Prepare for the 3 most likely scenarios of a Remote Job Interview:

  1. Phone Interview- Usually used as a screening step before the invitation to the next stage.
  2. Video Call/ Conference Interview– Where you meet the Interviewer via Skype/ Zoom etc.
  3. Video Interview– Where your answers are recorded and sent directly to the employer for review. There is also the possibility that your recorded answers will be analysed by Artificial Intelligence.

 The Link brings you to our channel on GoToStage where this Webinar is pre-recorded. Click HERE
NOTE: There will be a prompt to sign in- You can use any of your Social Media accounts to access it FREE.
Wishing you every success in your job search and preparation
The Hilt Team
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