Preparing to Start your Graduate Job – Part one – Plan

So you are starting your first graduate job

Congrads! Your first graduate job and the start of your professional career – what an exciting time! With the excitement may also come nerves, as there will be a lot of “news” and “firsts” ahead, along with autonomous decision-making. You may also be thinking about how you wish to shape and promote your “professional self”.
In the first blog of our Preparing to Start your Graduate Job series we have shared a few tips on how to prepare for the big day.
In the second of our Preparing to Start your Graduate Job series, we will be discussing what to expect and how to make a good impression when you arrive for your first day in the new job.


Plan your (pre tried on) outfit

Lay it out the night before. Make a good impression, you are likely to be meeting lots of new people and may even have a photo taken for an ID card….you’ll be glad to have thought about your outfit when you have to see that photo everyday!

Pack a bag

Again you can do this the night before when you are choosing your outfit, include:

  • Notebook and pen – Take notes throughout the day, there will be a lot to remember. Taking notes will also make you look organised, interested and engaged in what is going on.
  • Documents – Anything that you have been asked to bring (e.g. for HR – ID documents etc.)
  • Water and snacks – Just in case you get caught up or things run on longer than expected. At this point you are unlikely to know what time your lunch break will be. You don’t want your concentration to wane because of hunger. There may be set break times rather than you choosing to pop out when you feel hungry. Having something to hand will tide you over until lunchtime if necessary. In general, employers are not obliged to give breaks until at least 4 hours of work have been completed. Therefore, factoring in time since breakfast and your commute, it may be a while until you next eat! However, when lunch time does roll around it would be a good opportunity to join a co-worker or at least the chance to strike up conversation by requesting a recommendation of a good place to eat in the local area…even invite someone to join you. This all goes towards building good relationships with colleagues.

Plan your travel route

Allow extra time for delays. Purchase any necessary travel tickets/passes in advance to save time on the day.

Arrive 15 minutes early

This will allow time to find your desk/department and make a good first impression by looking keen on your first day. It will also give you a chance to acclimatise and calm your nerves. You don’t want to be bustling in to your first graduate job, hot and bothered, frantically looking for where you need to be. This is not a good start to your first day – or any day.   Start as you mean to go on- arrive in a calm and organised manner to set you up for a smooth running day.
Now that your preparations are underway, keep an eye out for our next blog in the Preparing to Start your Graduate Job series where we will be discussing the big day itself. Visit the Hilt website to keep up to date with the latest blogs from Hilt.

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