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A 2-hour interview training session.  Currently all of our interview training is taking place by webcall via Zoom or MS Teams.

Prior to the training session clients provide us with the job description, their CV and/or application form, and all other information they have received about the interview process.

We then prepare and email the client a worksheet of competency questions tailored to the role. The worksheet includes guidance on how to structure answers to the competency questions using the STARR technique and guidance on how to approach the “Tell me About Yourself” question.

Is this the right Service for me?

Clients who have used our Interview Training program usually answer yes to one or more of these questions.

  • Has it been a long time since you last had an interview and you are unsure of what to expect?
  • Are you confused about how to structure answers for a Competency-Based or Strengths Based interview?
  • Have you had an interview (or a few interviews) recently, failed to land the job, and are wondering how you can improve your performance?
  • Does the thought of sitting in front of a group of strangers telling them how great you are and how you are the right candidate for the job fill you with dread and fear?
What this process involves?

The aim of Hilt’s interview training session is to enable you to walk out of the interview room thinking “I did myself justice, I was really happy with how that went.”   Too often nerves get in the way and we leave the interview thinking about all the ways we could have done a better job in there.   Hilt’s targeted training will allow you to focus during the interview, recall the most appropriate answers and think on your feet

The training comprises a 2-hour training session which can be completed via Skype/web call or face-to-face at Hilt’s office.

Training is targeted to the exact role you will be interviewed for.  Once you provide us with details of the role we prepare a worksheet of interview questions targeted directly at the role and its requirements.

We also give you guidance and tips on how to structure your answers for maximum impact. This worksheet is sent to you prior to the training session to enable you to get the maximum benefit from your two-hour session.

  • Practice your answers to questions that have been chosen by Hilt as likely interview questions in your upcoming interview
  • This will include competency questions and open questions like  “Tell me About Yourself” and “Why should we choose you?”
  • Receive detailed and continued advice, guidance, and feedback on how strong and impactful your answers are.
  • Gain awareness of the importance of body language and non-verbal communication – how do you present yourself and what do others see?
  • Get practical advice on how to leave interview nerves outside the door.
  • Receive a Trigger Word summary which allows you to easily recall your answers when in the employer interview.


  1. M.K.

    Hilt equipped me with the skills, knowledge, and excellent interview preparation which gave me the confidence, assurance, and determination to perform to the best of my ability at interview. I had not done an interview for some time but following Hilt’s interviewing skills training I approached the interview with success in my sights and got the job. The practice questions we did in training were really similar to the competency questions I was asked in the interview. So helpful. HSE Role

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Interview Training



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