Protecting your age during an interview? But why…

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“I don’t want to share how many years of work experience I have because it gives my age away”

Interview Training, 2023

Our client felt uneasy about mentioning the exact number of years of experience they had because they felt it might reveal their age too easily. They were also concerned that the interviewer might wrongly assume they weren’t technologically savvy. 

And who would blame them for thinking that… 😲 

As stated in the 2023 Workplace Equality Report by Matrix Recruitment Group

More than two thirds of those surveyed said that workers over the age of 50 have fewer promotional opportunities than their younger colleagues, a jump of 19% on last year’s findings. 

However, we encouraged our client to own their experience and be proud of it.

According to the same survey, 89% of participants agreed that people over the age of 50 have as much to contribute than those under the age of 40. 

✅  55% said that over 50s have more life skills.
✅ 51% said they would be able to mentor and guide younger colleagues.
✅  48% said that mature workers are more reliable than younger people. 

During our interview training we help you recognise and articulate how valuable and essential your skills and experience are for any job. 

PS- our client got the job offer! 🏆 

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