What’s involved?

This one-day training workshop gives employees across all levels within your organisation an opportunity to prepare for interviews and improve their interview technique.

This is an interactive workshop where participants will get a chance to plan, construct and practise answering a range of competency questions and traditional interview questions including Tell Me About Yourself and What can you bring to this role?

The workshop can be tailored to help staff prepare to interview for a specific role/competition or it can be for staff across a number of different functions and levels who wish to improve their interview performance

During the workshop participants will:

  • Learn what is involved in a competency based interview and why they are used.
  • Identify how past individual experience can be used to construct strong answers to competency based questions.
  • Gain in-workshop practice of how to structure, prepare and deliver answers to competency questions.
  • Learn how to approach and answer the typical open interview questions, e.g.” Tell me About Yourself” “Talk me Through your CV” and  “Why have you applied for this role?”
  • Gain an insight into how interviewers mark and assess interview candidates
  • Get practical advice and tips on how to reduce nerves, make a strong first impression and perform at your best
What does it cost?

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What our clients say

We have conducted workshops for companies and organisations in both the private and public sector.

Feedback from recently completed workshops:

% of participants who Agreed or Strongly Agreed that the workshop:
Met their expectations 100%
Increased their confidence when attending interviews 100%
Increased their knowledge of how to prepare their CV/Application 100%
% of participants who responded Yes to the question:
Would you recommend attendance at this workshop to others? 100%

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