Should you have hobbies on your CV?

What’s the advice about whether or not you should list your hobbies on your CV?

Reading, Cooking, Swimming – Who CARES?

We are often asked if you should include a section on Hobbies and Interests on your CV.  Some say it’s a way to give potential employers a glimpse of you outside the work setting.  Others argue it’s a waste of valuable CV space and employers don’t care if you like to read, jog or do pilates in your spare time!

Generally speaking the more senior you are in your career the less relevant or appropriate it is to have hobbies on your CV.
CV for Mid to Senior Level Roles?

❌ Don’t include interests or hobbies on your CV.  Instead use the space to tell them something impressive you have achieved in your career

CV for Recent Graduates?

✅ Yes you absolutely HAVE to include some but call the section Interests and Achievements rather than Hobbies

CV for Everyone Else?

Not so clear-cut. If you are going to include them, out them under an Interests and Achievements section header and make your interests ACHIEVEMENT based. Use them as another way to show you have some of the key skills required for the job

How to turn hobbies on your CV into evidence of skills for job

Walking – member of local hill walking club and have organised walks to raise funds for local charities – (this shows them that you have initiative and organisation skills)

Swimming – train with club and have helped with junior swimming classes – (this shows them that you have teamwork and patience!)

Reading – founder member of local book club.  Gave a presentation at a national book club event and recently invited leading local author Max Readalot to speak at our club (this shows them that you have communication and networking skills)

This Interests and Achievements section is also the place to include things like:

Holder of full driving licence, Proficiency in languages, Awards and Nominations and anything else that demonstrates an interest in the job – eg you are applying for an IT role so you could mention that you contribute to several IT related blogs.

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