“So, What do you know about us?”

When an employer asks “What do you know about us?” or Why do you want to work for us?   Where do you begin? If your go-to answer consists of reciting the ‘about us’ page of their company website, then I’m afraid you are on the wrong track! Companies want more  value added than that.  
They want to know what you know about: 

  • recent developments in the company  
  • where they make their money – products/services 
  • who their main competitors are 
  • what you think the key challenges for the
  • future are (for the company and the industry)   

Preparing your answer using these focus areas will demonstrate to the interviewers that you have an understanding of their company/business and comes with the bonus of showing your analytical skills rather than just learning off mundane facts and figures. 
 Even better if you can arrange an informational interview with an employee working in the role or department you are applying for.  
Here is the link to our useful guide How to do company research for an interview 
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