The WORST way to prepare for an interview….

What’s the worst way to prepare for an interview?…Here’s a start

We’ve all looked at them when we prepare for an interview – blog posts and articles detailing terrifyingly long lists of potential interview questions:
“The 100 most popular interview questions “Top 100
“Top 50 Interview Questions”
“100 Favourite Interview Questions”

If you have an interview coming up and you start reading articles with long lists of potential interview questions  you will probably end up doing one of two things:
(i) Get completely overwhelmed and panicked by the wide range of questions and give up trying to prepare.
(ii) Try to prepare answers to all of the questions and in the process run the risk of blanking in the interview due to trying to hold too much random information in your head.

Step away from the heart- stopping shopping lists of interview questions for the moment

Focus on the job description or required person description.  That’s where the interviewers will generate their question ideas from – not from some random Top 50 list pulled from the web.  Identify what the key skills and competencies are for the role, compose your own interview question to test each one. THEN come up with your answer.  If you are having trouble composing an interview question to test a particular competency, let’s  say –  Leadership –  you could then access the Top 100 list.  Search by that specific competency and find a suggested question.
Focused preparation – matching the questions to the job requirements is the right strategy.  Scanning through long lists of unrelated interview questions and trying to have answers for all of them is the worst way to prepare for an interview. Visit the Hilt website for free resources to help you prepare for interview.

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