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Prepare for your upcoming video interview. Experience a video interview specifically targeted at a role you have identified. Use software utilized by leading global employers in their selection processes, practice your answers, and complete an interview under real video interview conditions. Receive detailed expert feedback on your performance.

Is this the right Service for me?

Doing a face to face interview is stressful enough.  Doing an interview by recording your answers to questions that appear in front of you on your screen can be even worse! You may be worried that it will take you numerous attempts to deliver a good answer to the question but you will only get ONE chance in a video interview with no opportunity to backtrack, rephrase or elaborate.

Completing an interview with no interaction, feedback or nonverbal affirmation from the interviewer can feel a little like talking to the wall. Getting everything you want to say into a 2-minute window can be pretty stressful.  Especially if you are completing a video interview in English when English isn’t your first language.

Hilt has a solution.

What will it do for me?
How does it work?
  • Email us with details of the role for which you want to do video interview practice.
  • We will send you an invitation to complete a video interview that is tailored to the role.
  • Log in to the video interview platform and do some practice questions to get you used to how it all works.  Then start your interview.
  • Once your interview is completed it will be reviewed and assessed by a highly experienced interviewer.
  • You will receive a detailed assessment report outlining how we rate each answer. Your interview will be scored and assessed just as it is by the employer. We assess content, body language, impact, delivery, quality, and appropriateness of your answers and evidence of role suitability observed during the interview.

In addition to the service outlined above, you can also opt to receive an additional  20-minute web call consultation from your interview reviewer to discuss your assessment and answer any questions you have.

Video Interview Training with Zoom call follow up consultation- €160.00

Individual access to video interview training portal.  Simulated video interview tailored to your specific role including access to the practice area.  Review of your interview by a highly experienced interviewer. Detailed feedback on your interview via assessment report with advice on how to improve your performance. You can also separately book a 20 minute Zoom call consultation to discuss your feedback in more detail and give you the chance to ask us questions specific to your interview performance.


2 reviews for Video Interview Training

  1. Client

    The practice area is really useful. I was able to do lots of attempts before I did the training interview. I am SO glad I didn’t do a real video interview without doing this training first. The feedback was so useful and the comments on how to improve were all easy to incorporate into my upcoming video interview. Public sector Industry

  2. S.G.

    I found it to be an excellent product, giving a realistic view of what to expect in a real video interview. Most importantly for me, it showed up weaknesses I would need to work on. Legal Industry

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