How to create a Video CV

In this digital era, a video CV is quickly becoming a must-have tool for a job-seeker, in particular, if you have just graduated and have limited work experience on your CV.

What is a Video CV?

Essentially this is a 2-3-minute pitch to a camera in answer to the question “Tell me about yourself” (See below on how to answer this question)
The concept has become a desired feature for graduate employers in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods sector and it is picking up momentum as more employers within Finance, Technology and Creative Industries incorporate it into their selection process.

Why do employers want them?

A Video CV supports the written application, or better yet, highlights it. Together both give employers a real insight into you and what you can bring to the role. It picks up on your energy and communication skills and it can showcase more subtle things like your sense of humour, creativity and organisation skills.

5 tips to help you create a Video CV

Let’s not get carried away with the many possible details that could be here, what we are proposing is that you spend a little time talking to an imaginary interviewer about how you can be an amazing asset to their team. There is no need to get the video done professionally or have moving backdrops and fancy editing- this is not a pitch for a Hollywood music video.

What you need is:

  1. A phone or PC with a good camera and sound-You should be making eye contact with the camera as if it is a real-life interviewer.
  2. A bright/ clean and quiet space (preferably with a neutral colour wall for a background)
  3. Dress the part.  What you wear says a lot about you. Be mindful that your clothes aren’t too flashy, the idea is that the attention is in your eyes and smile.  Don’t overdo make up and accessories- they can be a distraction to what you are saying.
  4. Also, check that your background contrast well with your clothes- a white wall and a white shirt might not be the best combo.
  5. Prepare in advance of the recording- practise how to answer the “Tell me about yourself” question in 2 minutes.  Click HERE for our step by step guidance on how to answer “Tell me about yourself”.
How to pitch yourself in front of the camera?

It’s down to practise! Practise saying it out loud in front of the mirror, your pet, parents and even neighbour (with social-distancing of course) then repeat it all over again, this time with a smile.
It needs to be said naturally. It should sound like you and not some learned-off script.  You should be able to say it with so much ease and confidence that you could even say it upside down with your eyes closed. (just don’t try that!)

Employers want YOUR character to come out and not mumbled words filled with sentence fillers such as (“Umm”, “like” and “you know what I mean?”).  They want to be introduced to the real you.
You are your own best marketer and when it comes to job hunting a Video CV can get you to stand out from the crowd.

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