Where are all the jobs?

It is not surprising that we are often asked – where are all of the jobs? Hilt invited FRS Recruitment, who recently published their 2021 Review and 2022 Forecast Report to write a guest blog giving us an insight into where they saw the highest increases in their advertised job roles throughout 2021 and what they were forecasting for the job market throughout 2022. Their key findings are summarised below.

FRS reported a 12% increase in the number of available jobs listed in 2021.
Across 2021, FRS recorded an increase in their advertised job activity of:

  • 117% for Retail
  • 82% for Supply Chain, Transport and Logistics
  • 69% for Pharmaceutical
  • 58% for Banking and Financial Services
  • 68% for Professional Services and Practices
  • 74% for Healthcare. – private sector
  • 25% for Agriculture

    Many of these increases are due to businesses restarting post the various lockdowns and uncertainty. There is no surprise to see an increase in advertised Healthcare positions available across 2021, as the pandemic caused this sector to have the most new jobs created in the year, primarily in the private sector.

    Of the 26 counties in the Republic of Ireland, 20 experienced growth in the number of jobs listed with FRS. This included some counties who experienced more than double the number of roles that listed in 2020, such as Carlow, and Longford while Cork, Kilkenny, Louth and Meath also experienced significant increases.

    Current FRS forecasts project employment opportunities, as measured by predictions for advertised roles set to grow by another 10% on average throughout 2022. Across the sectors FRS is predicting the following growth levels in the number of roles listed:

    Healthcare: 10%
    Manufacturing and Engineering: 30%
    Information Technology: 10%
    Commercial – incorp Administration, Customer Service, Sales: 10%
    Construction: 40%
    Agriculture: 30%

    FRS Recruitment match applicants to jobs for a wide variety of sectors across Ireland, and internationally. To discuss opportunities and advertised roles contact FRS Recruitment by clicking here

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