Why can’t I get a job?

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Record low unemployment numbers released this week … so why can’t I get a job? 😨

Central Statistics Office, Aug 2023

Job hunting and struggling? Nothing like hearing that the unemployment rate has just hit lowest level since RECORDS BEGAN 25 years ago to make you feel even worse about yourself. Great. Thanks for that confidence boost Central Statistics Office. 😳

We have worked with 1000’s of people to help them get jobs.

If you are asking yourself “Why can’t I get a job” here is the advice we know works to get you a job you will love.

1.    Most times the quality of your CV isn’t the problem. The way you are looking for jobs is. So……

2.    For one week STOP 🔴 sending out CVs and responding to job ads. Close down that exquisite colour coded Excel file tracking the status of all your applications and give it a break.

3.    People hire people. Start to engage in the real world with people you know
 (PS – LinkedIn isn’t the real world)

4.    Choose 5 people you know who are working in an area of potential interest to you. Message them and ask to meet for 30 minutes. Virtual meeting is fine. Tell them you have some questions about the industry. Just don’t ask them for a job. If you do it’s conversation over.

5.    Yes this is more effort than attaching your CV to a job ad and because of that the results will be a lot better

Networking is worth the effort

6.    The majority of jobs are found through contacts, referrals, word-of-mouth – “hey I know someone who would be good for that vacancy you have”.

7.    Your friends and contacts  are not mind readers 👀 – they need a nudge. If you don’t get the word out that you are looking for a job how will they think of you when they hear of a vacancy?

8.    Approx 3 million people on LinkedIn have the “Open to Work” frame on their profile photo. That’s not enough to make you stand out and be noticed.

9.    Start the conversations.

We have incorporated all of this advice (and lots more!) to create our online course on How to find a Job in the Hidden Job Market. Find out more here: