I lost my job, and other useless phrases

I lost my job”.  It’s a phrase we have heard a lot from clients over the last few months. It’s also a phrase that does absolutely nothing to help you mentally prepare for getting a new job.

First off let’s be pedantic for a minute.  You didn’t LOSE your job.  You didn’t drop it down a drain, misplace it while out walking or leave it on a train seat never to be seen again.  In the vast majority of cases you had absolutely nothing to do with contributing to your job disappearing.  It’s the economy, the virus, the lack of certainty about the future – that’s why the job you used to have does not exist anymore. You didn’t lose it.  The demand for someone to do that job has changed. It’s not you.  It’s them.  Don’t think about it as something you have done, or haven’t done.  Change the language you use when you are describing where you are right now in your career and employment

When you tell people “I lost my job”  you are more likely to feel responsible for your situation – unempowered, unconfident and just plain miserable about the whole sorry thing.  People you are speaking to will reply: “Oh, poor you” , “I know, isn’t it terrible, you and so many others right now” . “Hopefully something will turn up for you”.  Basically they will respond with empathy and try to make you feel like you’re not the only one.  Nice intentions but ZERO use to you as you look for another job.

So instead of telling the next person you meet  “I lost my job” try this.  Give them a short explanation of what happened and what you are looking to do now.  “My company had a 50% reduction in customer demand overnight. I was working in customer onboarding and the activity there just wasn’t enough to justify my job.  I’m now looking for a role in…….., maybe you might know someone working in that industry I could speak to?”

Your previous job may be gone – but you didn’t lose it. Don’t allow yourself to feel responsible for a situation entirely out of your control.

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