Now In Its Second Edition – CV & Interview 101

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“CV & Interview 101” will help you prepare an excellent CV that gets noticed by employers and the Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems many employers now use.  It will also take you through every step of the interview preparation process: from how to predict the questions, how to structure great answers and how to avoid interview nerves.

Sinéad English is a career consultant and highly engaging speaker across all aspects of managing your career. She has helped thousands of clients secure their ideal job by advising on how to write CV’s that get noticed and preparing them to deliver excellent interview performances. She set up the career advisory firm Hilt in 2007.

Writing your CV or getting ready to do an interview for a job? Chances are you have lots of questions. Should I? What if? How can I? Help! This book gives highly practical and instantly actionable advice on 101 issues, questions and scenarios most frequently encountered by people when applying and interviewing for jobs. When you don’t have your own personal CV and interview coach on speed dial this book is the next best thing . . . and costs a lot less.

Straight-talking, instructive and using templates and worksheets to help you give the employer exactly what they want to see and hear, it will make the task of securing your ideal job significantly easier and a lot less stressful. The book stems from hands-on experiences gathered from both sides of the recruitment work process and provides the most up to date tips and advice on this subject.

14 reviews for Now In Its Second Edition – CV & Interview 101

  1. MC

    I bought this book as I decided to take a leap and left a job that I had been in for 17 years. This book gave me an insight into todays working environment and helped me to prepare for finding and security a new role . I would highly recommend this book and also the 1 to 1 interview preparation.

  2. JW

    Sinéad is the most knowledgeable, experienced and top-class career consultants I’ve ever come across. Hearing her segments on radio and her down-to-earth style is so refreshing when you are navigating the job market.

    This is completely echoed in the book, where every possible question you might have on job and interview preparation is answered simply, but clearly. It lays out step-by-step what you need to do and enables you to take control of your job search and ideal career. I only hope she intends on writing more as her insights are so brilliant, you’ll wish you had heard about her earlier in your career! Thanks Sinéad 🙂

  3. ROS

    Just bought the book and have already transformed my CV from a drab enough list of duties to a list of impressive looking list of achievements. I’m now in full interview preparation mode and this book has given me the focus I needed.

  4. Back to work after 9 yrs as a stay-at-home mom

    I found the book very useful, I landed a job after reading it. Thank you!

  5. Clare

    Really great book, straightforward advise about CV’s and interview scenarios. Practice the suggestions in this book and it will greatly benefit your interview technique.

  6. L

    Highly recommended! Very informative, straight to the point, easy to swallow in chunks, an easy read and enormously helpful.

  7. KL

    This book is excellent, so practical, clear and to the point. I also found the structure very quick to reference a specific topic when preparing for an interview. Highly recommend!

  8. ML

    Straight to the point with no waffle. Fantastic tips. Easy to follow and you can always jump back in to read over your favorite sections.

  9. T M

    I would highly recommend investing in this book. I had been struggling with getting called for an interview and with the interview itself. As a result I created a new cv and was much better prepared for the interview. And I got a new job as a result!

  10. LD

    Very useful preparation in advance of an interview. Great assistance and pointers in preparing your CV. Overall very helpful, informative and comprehensive.

  11. Amazon review

    So informative and gives deep insight. Very valuable advice for constructing winning cv and preparing for job interviews.

  12. Amazon review

    Really useful tips, dead easy to navigate and written in a very consumable style. Highly recommended.

  13. Amazon review

    I am in debt to this book and its author. My own story – after working in the same job / career for 15 years, and very much in the need of a change, confidence was low. I turned to this book, and it has to be one of the best decisions I have ever made – it has put my career on a completely different trajectory.

    There are techniques and advice for absolutely ever scenario, and I first used the approach outlined by the author to get my CV in order (adhering to the specific CV Rules set about for my own personal circumstances). It worked unbelievably well – I applied for four different roles with four different companies and was invited to interview for all four of them.

    I hadn’t sat an interview in over 15 years, but there was so much in the book preparing you for the various different types and trends of interview these days – Skype / Group / Technical / Whiteboard, with the clear, unambiguous advice – it prep’d me so well for every possible encounter.

    In summary, after some second round interviews, I can tell you now I was offered all four positions in four different companies – confidence was now through the roof! So I took my time, chose the right position for me, negotiated a little on salary 😉 and I’ve never looked back.

    As I said at the start, I am in debt to this little book and was compelled to write this review – stars x 5.

  14. J Power

    A great read, this book gave me a really interesting insight into the psychology behind the hiring process. The structure the book follows makes for a good page-turner and really helped me change my approach for an upcoming interview

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