Interview Training

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A 2-hour interview training session.  Our interview training can take place via Zoom, MS Teams or at at our office.

Prior to the training session clients provide us with the job description, their CV and/or application form, and all other information they have received about the interview process.

We then prepare and email the client a worksheet of competency questions tailored to the role. The worksheet includes guidance on how to structure answers to the competency questions using the STARR technique and guidance on how to approach the “Tell me About Yourself” question.

Is this the right Service for me?

Clients who have used our Interview Training program usually answer yes to one or more of these questions.

  • Has it been a long time since you last had an interview and you are unsure of what to expect?
  • Are you confused about how to structure answers for a Competency-Based or Strengths Based interview?
  • Have you had an interview (or a few interviews) recently, failed to land the job, and are wondering how you can improve your performance?
  • Does the thought of sitting in front of a group of strangers telling them how great you are and how you are the right candidate for the job fill you with dread and fear?
What this process involves?

The aim of Hilt’s interview training session is to enable you to walk out of the interview room thinking “I did myself justice, I was really happy with how that went.”   Too often nerves get in the way and we leave the interview thinking about all the ways we could have done a better job in there.   Hilt’s targeted training will allow you to focus during the interview, recall the most appropriate answers and think on your feet

The training comprises a 2-hour training session which can be completed via Skype/web call or face-to-face at Hilt’s office.

Training is targeted to the exact role you will be interviewed for.  Once you provide us with details of the role we prepare a worksheet of interview questions targeted directly at the role and its requirements.

We also give you guidance and tips on how to structure your answers for maximum impact. This worksheet is sent to you prior to the training session to enable you to get the maximum benefit from your two-hour session.

  • Practice your answers to questions that have been chosen by Hilt as likely interview questions in your upcoming interview
  • This will include competency questions and open questions like  “Tell me About Yourself” and “Why should we choose you?”
  • Receive detailed and continued advice, guidance, and feedback on how strong and impactful your answers are.
  • Gain awareness of the importance of body language and non-verbal communication – how do you present yourself and what do others see?
  • Get practical advice on how to leave interview nerves outside the door.
  • Receive a Trigger Word summary which allows you to easily recall your answers when in the employer interview.

88 reviews for Interview Training

  1. Patrick

    Hilt provided truly comprehensive and high quality interview training for my most recent application, having been very good at providing answers and questions tailored to the specific job in question. The staff and trainer that helped me were phenomenal and very kind to deal with. They also have a good view of what companies or employers of certain types are looking for in their job applicants, include basic tips and tricks to remember on the day and give good feedback after practice.

    I would wholeheartedly recommend them.

  2. RH

    I would most definitely recommend Hilt for interview preparation. Sinead was simply a powerhouse! Extremely experienced and astute, she gave pointed and very helpful feedback that you simply could not have gotten from friends or work colleagues. Before the actual session, you are provided with excellent written materials to help you focus your mind on the session ahead, prepare relevant examples, and focus on telling a good, concise story. The more time you put into those, the more you will get out of the training session. The session itself will be challenging but fair and will provide you with content and tips to help you deliver a great interview. In my case, it made all the difference! I would not hesitate to recommend Hilt services to anyone for interview prep.

  3. MD

    I found the interview training to be very comprehensive and helpful in my preparation for an upcoming interview. i would definitely recommend HILT services to anyone for interview prep.

  4. JG – Education Sector

    This was my 2nd time availing of the interview training with Hilt, and as with before, I have got the job.
    Siobhán, was fantastic. So knowledgeable, professional, and empathetic, just as Sinéad was previously, I cannot recommend Hilt highly enough. I get so nervous in interviews, but after the coaching with Siobhán, I was equipped with the tools to control my nerves and put my best foot forward.

    Even if I hadn’t got the job, this was a major win for me, as I have never been so relaxed in an interview. I have the experience and examples, however Siobhán helped me structure my answers in the correct way, giving me prompt words, that I could remember even in such a tense environment. Thank you so much Siobhán and Hilt, I couldn’t have done this without you.

  5. JK – Financial Services

    I would definitely recommend Hilt for interview preparation. The session really helped me to focus on the STAR method and was a great assistance in identifying concrete examples from my experience relevant for this role. I would definitely recommend Hilt services to anyone for interview prep.

  6. RSM – Legal Sector

    Hilt exceeded all of my expectations with their exceptional guidance and personalized approach to coaching. They provided deep industry insights and were deeply committed to my success. Couldn’t recommend them enough to anyone preparing for an interview in the professional services or otherwise.

  7. KMT – Finance Sector

    Superb service that put me at ease going into the interview safe in the knowledge I was as well-prepared as I could hope to be. I’ve tried lots of approaches to interview preparation (fully solo, ChatGPT, asking friends), and I can safely say that Hilt is very good value indeed. The tailored and specific advice provided was indispensable for me to be in a position to perform my best and whether or not I get the job I still feel relaxed after the event – which is more than I can say about most previous interviews. Rather than hoping some questions wouldn’t arise, the preparation helped me to remember far better prompts and answers than I could have come up with myself.

  8. JS- Healthcare Sector

    Wow..what can I say but only for Hilt!
    I would not have been able to complete an interview..but to complete it and be offered the job was a dream come through for me. As I had not done an interview in nearly two decades, so my anxiety level was very high. But Sinead and Orla were amazing. I had two sessions with them. I had all the information and experience but lacked how to structure my answers.
    Sinead helped me to structure them aswell as giving me the confidence that I could do the interview.
    Hilt was recommended to me by a colleague and I too can confirm they provide an excellent service, that is extremely professional and I will definitely be recommending them to others.
    Thank you Sinead and Orla again.

  9. DF- Pharmaceutical Sector

    I have used Hilt services on two occasions over the last few years. Both times to prepare for an upcoming interview and on both occasions I was successful. Hilt left no stone unturned ensuring I was fully prepared. I can’t praise their services highly enough. They were very professional, extremely thorough and forthcoming in their approach. Would well recommend.

  10. DC- Public Sector

    Excellent service. They were able to clarify and help me focus on what I need to prepare for my interview. Hilt were so helpful, I would definitely recommend Hilt to anyone preparing for an interview.

  11. Interview Training- IA- Healthcare Sector

    Hilt has been incredibly beneficial in preparing me for my interview for social worker. I was lacking in confidence in relation to interview and was aphersenive in going for my interview. however, I spoke with a colleague who strongly recommended Hilt. Hilt provided me with practice questions and the online training was excellent in preparing me the interview and I was able to confidently answer the competency questions during the interview.
    I was placed on the social workers panel and I am very happy with this.

  12. Interview Training – KM

    When considering changing job and having used Hilt’s services before, I knew my first port of call would be HILT. Sinead provides excellent interview training and I felt prepared and confident doing the interview. I was successful in my job interview again this time thanks to Hilt. I regularly recommend Hilt to friends and am very grateful for the service. 100% worth every penny.

  13. Interview Training – CL

    I attended HILT Interview training as I wanted to improve my interview skills. The course helped me to structure my answers, giving me techniques to answer the question asked and how to practice my answers & examples. HILT training was a great investment in my own personal development and I am very happy to say I was successfully at interview. Thank you to Siobhan and HILT.

  14. SH – Public sector

    I attended Hilt for interview training. As I had not done an interview for some time, I found them excellent. Their answers were very structured, their advice excellent, encouraged me to practice speaking out loud when answering questions and advised me on competency based questions. I am delighted to say I was very successful at interview. Thank you.

  15. SP – Education Sector

    I attended Hilt for interview training and found them excellent. They really honed in on answering exactly what you are being asked and cuts out any waffle! I haven’t done an interview for a few years so I felt I needed to get some practice. Preparing examples for competency based interviews is really helpful.

  16. NF – Healthcare

    Hilt helped me to crystallise my responses to an interview question, providing specific feedback and tools to practically support me in an interview process including the necessary preparation. I found these invaluable and assisted me to maintain focus, be concise in the answers. Getting to practice the answers to the questions, fine tune them, hear them aloud was extremely useful. I now feel fully prepared for the interview. Thank you!

  17. CM – Senior Management, Public Sector

    My interview training was very helpful for both refining my presentation and putting structure on my answers and the examples I used. It was very good practice and gave me some confidence heading into the interview. Also helped me think about questions I hadn’t already thought of. Overall very helpful, well worth the investment and in the end, I got the job – a senior leadership role in the public sector.

  18. RH – Technology Sector

    It had been about 8 years since I had done an interview so I needed guidance on how to structure my replies to questions to get the information across in a concise manner.
    My session with Hilt helped me to see how to structure my responses in a clear and conise manner.
    I would definitely recommend you contact Hilt in advance of an interview to give yourself the optimum chance of success

  19. FM – Education sector

    The interview preparation was well worth doing. Sinead helped me to frame my experience and answers in a very way that was relevant to the job I applied for. She was very supportive throughout the process, and is very knowledgeable about all aspects of interviews. I would highly recommend this service.

  20. CC – Healthcare professional

    the pre-interview Hilt preparation helped me to secure my dream job. it equipped me with the skills I needed to understand what the interviewers wanted and to give the right information to the questions they asked.
    I was calmer, and ready for the interview process thanks to Hilt.

  21. LM – Local Authority Sector

    I really enjoyed the interview training with Sinead. The feedback was excellent and very useful in preparing me for my interview. I would highly recommend it.

  22. CC – Education Professional

    I did the interview training with Sinead and I found it to be tremendously helpful. Sinead was very professional and prepared me very well for the interview. I would highly recommend HILT to help one prepare for an interview especially if you haven’t done one in a long time. Thanks.

  23. SN – Legal Professional

    I found the training really helpful in my interview preparations. Sinead provided fantastic guidance on how to structure and deliver focused responses to competency questions. I hadn’t had an interview for a number of years and felt much more confident after the training. I would highly recommend Hilt to anyone

  24. PD – Local Authority

    I found the interview training very helpful. It helped me structure and expand on my answers. The 2 hours flew in. Fingers crossed I’ll be successful in my next interview which is very soon 🤞🏼

  25. CK – Property Sector

    Hilt understood the exact questions my employers would ask and helped prepare me to answer and impress them with how to answer. I also developed a great deal of confidence for the training with them, which I carried forward to my interviews and found me great success.

  26. AO’B – Finance Professional

    I found Hilt’s interview training session really valuable. Sinead provided excellent feedback on how best to structure responses to competency based questions and was really insightful. The session was hugely helpful for interview preparation – would highly recommend.

  27. SS – Education Sector

    Hilt came recommended to me by a friend and they did not disappoint. They helped me with my application form for Deputy Principal and gave clear concise guidance. The interview was fantastic and Sinead ensured I was informed, prepard,confident and ready for my big day. I received lots of positive constructive feedback and a list of trigger words to help me on the day. All in all, a fantastic experience and I couldn’t recommend them more.

  28. RM – Healthcare Professional

    I have attended Hilt twice to date successfully securing a job on both occasions. As a nervous interviewee Hilt helped me each time to focus my thoughts and answer each competency question clearly. The two hour training workshop gave me an opportunity to practice questions and iron out any areas of uncertainty. I would encourage everyone to seek them out and engage their fantastic service. Many thanks Sinead and Sìobhan.

  29. LM – Biomedical Science Professional

    Sinead was amazing. She was recommended to me by a friend and I could not recommend her enough. The session was so beneficial and I have learnt so much. She prepared me in how to answer competency interview questions in a more professional and knowledgeable manner.
    Thanks Sinead.

  30. CG- Healthcare Professional

    Siobhán was recommended to me by a friend and I could not recommend her and Hilt more. Siobhán prepared me in how to answer competency interview questions in a more professional and knowledgeable manner. The interview session was brilliant and so helpful. If you need help with interviews well don’t hesitate in contacting Hilt!

  31. SS – Education Sector

    HILT is a fantastic service. I could not recommend their services more. They helped me to complete my application form and provided extremely comprehensive worthwhile feedback. The interview session was superb. I was totally put at ease and it was conducted in a most professional and knowledgeable manner. I could not recommend them more and thank them for their guidance.

  32. MT

    I found interview training with Hilt to be very helpful. Sinead is very easy and pleasant to deal with. After the training session, I felt more confident, focused and prepared for my upcoming of my interview.

  33. SOM

    Hilt provided a bespoke interview training session that helped me build confidence, stay focused and prepare for my interview. They provided simple practical examples/tips and reassurance in a timely way so as not to overwhelm you! By the end of the session I felt I had great material and preparation tools for the interview. Many thanks to the team for the support.

  34. PH, Medical Professional

    This training is absolutely brilliant, Sinead is very focused and knows exactly how to go about preparing for any kind of interview. I was planning to wing it and last minute booked in for a session, very glad I did now – I have clear, simple and concise answers, very specific to the role I am applying for, just what I need to put my nerves at ease and focus on the delivery on the day. Thanks a million Sinead, couldn’t recommend the training more!

  35. SF

    Hilt interview training helped me focus on the important points of my career and practice session gave me the opportunity to prepare my responses to the best of my ability before I attended for interview.

  36. CH

    This training was worth every penny. I went from dreading the interview to feeling confident and prepared with strategies for answering complex questions and multiple examples per question. I feel assured and determined by the end of the training and I know I will take the learnings from the session as I progress in my career.

  37. A.H

    Hilt Interview training helped me with Focusing on what information was necessary and what wasn’t. It helped me configure structured and positive answers to questions that may be asked of me. Felt the training as a whole was well rounded and covered a wide range of subjects that would be potentially covered. Very good overall and was impressed by the service.

  38. MC

    Excellent service, Siobhan was very helpful in assisting me to create more focused answers and organising the information in my head in a more structured way. The work sheet and questions created by Siobhan based on the Job description were spot on and several similar questions subsequently came up in the interview. I would highly recommend Hilt.

  39. BS

    I can only highly recommend HILT (and already did to many of my friends). Interview training with HILT was certainly one of the best recommendation I have gotten to date!
    I took an interview training session with Sinead before my very first interview in the private sector after having spent most of my career in academia to this point. The preparation was spot on and Sinead had covered pretty much everything I was asked in the interview. I have never felt so well prepared with a proper strategic protocol for an interview. Those two hours were well invested and certainly the best preparation I could have ever asked for. Thank you!

  40. JD

    I cannot recommend HILT highly enough. After just one session, I was equipped with the right tools to prepare properly for the interview. As a result much more confident in the interview and much better prepared! Based on my experience (I got the job!) I have recommended Sinead to friends and colleagues preparing for interviews.

  41. SME

    Excellent service from Hilt, very flexible, even when I had difficulty last minute due to changing work challenges. Helped me to match interview requirements with my competencies.
    A great way to ‘hear yourself’ before the interview
    I would highly recommend Siobhan.

  42. Rob F

    Fantastic 2 hour session with Sinead! Great prep work sent through in advance – I’d recommend anyone using this service to spend the time in advance of the session going through this prep work in order to maximise Sinead’s expertise while on the call.
    Despite being in industry over 23 years, I picked up loads of tips that I simply wasn’t aware of! Feel so much more confident now, and am looking forward to an upcoming series of interviews.

  43. AD

    The Hilt training gave me the opportunity to strategically place my knowledge and skills against the competencies required for the position I applied for.
    It also enabled me to evidence this through the examples I had prepared with guidance from Sinead.
    The opportunity to answer questions in an interview setting with feedback really prepared me for the actual interview and reduced my anxiety. Key messages of keeping to the point , keeping it simple and clear stayed with me through the interview. I was successful in getting no 1 on the panel. Thanks Sinead.

  44. SD

    The Hilt Interview training I received was very beneficial, particularly practising answers to the sample interview questions I was provided and the use of trigger words also. The training allowed me to positively communicate my strengths and experience in a way that felt natural. Before the training I was feeling anxious and ill-equipped. Afterwards, I felt confident and equipped to answer any interview question asked…….a really good investment!
    Thanks Siobhán

  45. N.P.

    Hilt interview training session gave me the confidence and skills to perform better when applying for a promotion. Excellent tips and insight that helped me achieved my goal. Very professional and highly recommended.

  46. AF

    The Hilt interview training session was incredibly useful and the guidance given during this session equipped me with the skills to answer any question that was thrown my way. Hilt took the job spec, anticipated questions that would come up in the interview process and created docs for the client to prep answers. The structure used to create the answers could be applied to any question asked. The confidence gained from the session I believe helped me to secure the role. Site Lead role

  47. O.McL

    The Hilt interview training gave me the tools and the confidence I needed to be successful in landing a job at the beginning of my career. The mock interview helped massively with how I should go about answering questions and gave me instant feedback on how those answers would come across in the interview itself. I would recommend the service to anyone with an upcoming interview. Thank you Hilt!

  48. AB

    I had interview training with Sinead. I gained a lot of valuable knowledge but thoroughly enjoyed the training session also. Sinead is very knowledgeable and keeps the session light-hearted. I feel the training relieved some anxiety I felt about the upcoming interview. Sinead gave me confidence in my answers and helped me apply structure. I would highly recommend HILT interview training for all upcoming interviews.

  49. EO’S

    My interview training session with Siobhán gave me a new lens on my skillset and what I have to offer as a potential candidate. She was so supportive in her approach and framed questions in a way that were thought provoking and inspiring. The resources she shared in advance of our session, as well as the review afterwards, will provide a foundation upon which I can develop relevant and concise responses to any anticipated questions. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  50. JR

    Hilt Interview training really helped me to focus on how to answer the questions most likely to come up in my interview. i would definitely recommend this training, especially for anyone who hasn’t done an interview in a long time or, like me, tends to go off track halfway through their interviews!

  51. PB

    HILT interview training is definately worthwhile, all of what we had prepared came up in the interview and it made me much more fluent that i would have been otherwise. Will have no hesitation recommending to friends.

  52. KD

    I highly recommend Hilt interview preparation services, which I availed of recently when going for an academic position in higher education. The training really stood by me when it came to the interview itself. I went into it with confidence that I could answer any question asked of me that I would not have had otherwise. The pre training questions and a mock interview helped me focus on the key skills and competences I had that met the job description. During the interview I was able to bring in examples and responses to showcase my abilities that Hilt helped me formulate. Thank you to Sinead for helping me back myself! KD

  53. OM

    I heard about HILT through a friend. I am glad that I did ! I hadn’t done an interview in quite some time and was very rusty. This training helped me to structure my competency answers to a high level. I felt confident and well prepared going into the interview.

  54. MK

    I worked with HILT to secure my current role, and have absolute confidence returning to HILT to assist me in preparation for my next post. I have worked with HILT in the delivery of training to my team. The preparation of these people was apparent when conducting interviews recently with the team.
    Excellent and professional service , highly recommended.

  55. PB

    The Hilt Interview Training was a great help and gave me the the confidence to perform to the best of the my ability during my interview. The training is structured and comprehensive. The training allowed me to dissect the job description, prepare and rehearse specific relevant examples using the STARR technique and focus on the key competency. The training was also a great help in tackling difficult interview questions. I strongly recommend the Interview Training to anyone looking to prepare comprehensively for their interview.

  56. DM

    Hilt helped me massively in the preparation for my interviews and left me with great tips and strategies for future interviews. I would highly recommend Hilt to anyone that is seeking help in getting employed.

  57. TD

    Hilt made the difference in my interview performance. I used the information pack they sent out to prepare for a pre-interview session with Hilt. The preparation, the sample questions and feedback from this session meant I got the job.

  58. UMH

    I must confess that I have always found the process of structuring answers to key interview questions very daunting. Hilt equipped me with the tools to prepare good answers in advance and not to be thrown off by questions I thought I couldn’t answer. Particularly, the competency questions, which I always found hard in the past, are no longer out of reach and I now know how to keep my answers concise and to-the-point and deliver what the interview panel wants to hear. I feel much more confident; thank you for your help. U.M.H

  59. D. O’N

    The interview training session with Sinéad was an excellent education in how to prepare and structure clear and concise answers for interview scenarios. Sinéad was incredibly helpful in immediately identifying the aspects of my interview answers that needed improvement, as well as explaining why they needed improving. I ultimately came away from the session with a better ability to articulate my experience and strengths in an interview, as well the skills to better understand what potential employers are looking for in an interview.

  60. EJD

    Sinead was incredibly helpful and useful in preparation for interviews I was doing. I haven’t done an interview in over 3 years and Sinead was excellent in preparing me and helping me focus on concise answers. I couldn’t recommend her more and have already passed on her details to friends.

  61. CM

    I recommend Hilt’s interview training service.
    It a very useful exercise to get focussed prior to interview and provide structured, coherent responses under pressure.
    I often find it uncomfortable to tell an audience that I am good at my job, Siobhan assisted me to articulate my experience and why I would be a great fit for a particular role in a way that feels authentic to me.

  62. CH

    The interview training was a very positive experience overall. The session was well structured, the staff member was well organised and had some very helpful nuggets of information and relevant interventions which I felt improved my performance.
    Trid is trid, it was a worthwhile and beneficial exercise. Taim an bhuioch diobh.

  63. Ciara

    Hilt simplifies the interview process. I have never been more prepared in a interview than after my preparation session with Sinead. The Hilt team are incredibly helpful, supportive and definitely a must when going in to an interview. Having competency based questions prepared allowed me to relax in the interview and focus on getting my personality across as I knew I had all the competencies. Would definitely recommend – and I got the job!

  64. R.H.

    I didn’t think it was possible to go into an interview as composed as I did until after my training. I hadn’t interviewed for a new role in years and this was for a role in a completely different industry. I was able to put all of the tips into action and didn’t panic under the pressure. It was totally worth the investment! Thanks

  65. Tara

    I recently did my first interview in 10 years. It was for an internal promotion in the public sector. I had never done a competence based interview and was quite nervous about it. The detailed preparation, coaching and tips that I received from Siobhan in Hilt were absolutely invaluable. I was so well prepared that the interview was a breeze. I thankfully was successful in the process and my interviewers commented on how confident I was. I think this was the best investment I have made in myself for quite a while and I know the skills will serve me well for future opportunities. I couldn’t recommend more highly.

  66. K.N. Public Service

    On my recent interview training with Hilt I learned so much about how to perform well during an interview. I was having a lot of unsuccessful interviews but now I understand why and that was the biggest learning and empowerment for me. I now have the understanding and the tools to help me perform better and I would highly recommend Hilt to provide you with any help you may need regarding your employment needs. It was a very positive experience.

  67. SC

    Unbeatable help for anybody looking to prepare for an interview.

  68. AR

    Hilt were incredibly helpful to me. I got an interview at short notice but they replied to my inquiry very quickly and sent me practice questions on the same day. They gave me really practical advice in structuring my answers, prompted me to think in more detail about my skills and gave superb attention and feedback during the training. An extremely valuable service!

  69. CB

    I found the Hilt interview training extremely beneficial. Following the advice I received I felt I was prepared for my interview and felt confident in my knowlege of the role I was applying for. The interview notes and trigger words provided by follow up email were a bonus and were exceptionally helpful while studying for my interview. I was also encouraged to contact Hilt thereafter if I had any follow up questions. I would highly recommend this service.

  70. AC

    Fantastic service, best money I have spent in a long time! It really focused my preparations in the right areas and gave me the confidence to do a great interview. Would highly recommend.

  71. ZA

    An excellent training package, well worth the investment. Sinead has a good understanding of academia and was better able to prepare me for an interview for a lecturing position than any other coach I can think of.

  72. JF

    I have never felt so prepared going into an interview or got such a positive response in an interview, doing the training was a great investment in myself & my career and I took away lots of useful tips & strategies from the session.

  73. M.P

    Hilt was recommended to me by a friend for an upcoming interview , it was the best advice I received . The preparation session was invaluable. Sinead really gave great direction on techniques and delivery of response to possible questions . It really helped to build my confidence prior to the interview . I would highly recommend this service to a colleague/friend .

  74. MP

    HILT interview training was highly recommended to me by a friend . I would like to say that it was the best advice I received .The style of interview preparation provided , was invaluable .The session really prepares you for the interview – being more effective in delivery of responses .Sinead was very helpful and I was successful in being offered the position . Totally worth it .

  75. G.M.

    I did interview training with Sinead and really got a lot out of it. The practice questions sent prior to the training session really helped me prepare for lots of questions you may be asked in an interview. The training session helped build my confidence in delivering answers and refine and work on my answers to the competency questions. I was preparing for a HSE competency based interview.

  76. Fung

    The interview training provided by Hilt is great.
    It really helped me to structure the answers on how to best present it.
    I would highly recommend this sessions to my colleagues. Thanks.

  77. EA

    I got the details for HILT from a colleague before going for a big interview and decided to do some interview training with them. I hadn’t done an interview for some time prior to this and so I wanted to get some practice in. I found it so beneficial as it really refined everything from the job spec and condensed it down to what I really needed to concentrate on. Sinead is so nice and really helpful. I got the job I went for and subsequently have since gotten another promotion as a result of having another shorter round of training. I couldn’t recommend this service highly enough.

  78. SF

    I had attended Sinead a number of years ago for interview training. Sinead really put me at ease, worked with me as an individual and customised the training to the competencies of the specific role. I was well prepared and felt comfortable going into interview (and got the job!). I felt I needed assistance prior to a recent interview and was delighted to work with Sinead again. I received the same individual customised attention and would thoroughly recommend Hilt interview training. Here’s hoping for the same result….

  79. OF

    Sinead was recommended to me by a friend who had gone through interview prep recently. I called Hilt very close to my interview as I wasn’t sure if I needed help or not and she fitted me in. I did need help!! Interview structures have changed and Sinead certainly knows her stuff. The approach was so clear and It was a super experience. Really great help to focus you and to concentrate on what’s important. I cannot recommend them enough and I too would recommend them to a friend.

  80. MM

    A fantastic approach to the interview process, hones in on what you need to do and how you need to do it. Very useful, practical and has definitely helped me to prepare in the best way i can.

  81. MOD

    HILT’s interview training is an essential part of my interview preparation. It helped me to frame my experience and skills succinctly and in line with the job’s competencies.
    The training is intensive and really pushed me to improve my interview technique. After the interview, I knew that I had done my best- no regrets.
    HILT interview training is really worthwhile.

  82. G. H.

    The Hilt interview training was invaluable to me in preparing for my interview, it provided me with the confidence and skills to perform to my best at the interview. The feedback on the practice questions was extremely professional and enabled me to improve the quality of my answers and focus on the key aspects of the competencies. I would highly recommend Hilt interview training.

  83. CD

    The interview training provided by Hilt is excellent. The person carrying out the training was really well prepared and provided with with lots of really useful feedback for improving the quality of my answers. The question sheet provided before the interview is a really useful preparation tool. I would highly recommend this in preparation for an interview

  84. FC

    Interview training really helped me to focus on how to answer the questions most likely to come up in my interview. Advice on the PowerPoint presentation I had to make was also incredibly helpful and put my mind at ease going into it. Would definitely recommend, especially for anyone who hasn’t done an interview in a long time or, like me, tends to waffle their way through interviews!

  85. JS

    It had been several years since I’d been in an interview situation so I was understandably apprehensive about what to expect. Sinead and her team were excellent: their focussed and tailored approach meant I was fully prepared and confident. Plus I was offered the job! I’d highly recommend Hilt and as they say themselves: back yourself!

  86. Izzy Ritchie

    Hilt has been incredibly useful in my preparation for my first graduate interview. The mock interviews are a great way of getting used to the format of this recruitment process, and the feedback I received from the Hilt consultant was incredibly detailed and helped me really improve how I answer questions. It is clear the consultants invest significant time in interview analysis and produce personalised recommendations of how you can improve your interview skills. I feel much more confident now going into my real interview – thank you Hilt!

  87. D.C

    The Hilt interview training session helped me to focus on the important elements of my cv, and their relevance to the role I was applying for. I felt confident and reassured that I had prepared to the best of my ability before I attended the interview.

  88. M.K.

    Hilt equipped me with the skills, knowledge, and excellent interview preparation which gave me the confidence, assurance, and determination to perform to the best of my ability at interview. I had not done an interview for some time but following Hilt’s interviewing skills training I approached the interview with success in my sights and got the job. The practice questions we did in training were really similar to the competency questions I was asked in the interview. So helpful. HSE Role

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