How to get in the right mindset for your interview

Train your brain to target interview success, not interview survival

“I just hope I don’t embarrass myself in the job interview”

Sound familiar?  This is something we hear fairly frequently from clients when they first come to Hilt for interview training.

We hear it mostly from clients who are interviewing for internal promotion roles and already know their interviewers having worked with them in the organisation prior to applying for the job.  

As much as they don’t want to embarrass themselves in the interview – and let’s face it – who does – this is NOT A STRATEGY FOR DOING A GOOD INTERVIEW. “I hope I won’t be absolutely terrible” is setting your aims so low you may as well not bother showing up.  🥹

You need to back yourself to do a great interview 

How to get in the right mindset for your interview

Instead of setting a goal of just surviving the ordeal and walking out of there still breathing, change your target. Tell yourself that you want to leave the interview feeling you have done yourself justice and that you gave yourself a fighting chance.   

Why would you purposefully allow yourself to aim for mediocrity when you can achieve excellence?   

Tell yourself that you can do the job.   Say it out loud until it stops feeling awkward or until you stop feeling like apologising straight after saying it. Pick 3 reasons why you know you will make a strong contribution the role and say the words out loud until you OWN THEM.

Heading into the interview if you can’t convince yourself that you are great for the role you will not be able to convince your interviewers.

Recently a client called us straight after their interview and proudly told us I left it all in there – I gave it everything”.  

That was their aim going in there. Not “I hope I’m not too awful and embarrass myself.”   They got the job. 🎉

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