How to manage interview nerves

Let’s face it.  It is normal to be nervous in an interview.   It is a fairly intimidating situation and can be even worse if you are facing a panel of 3 or 4 interviewers all lining up to fire their questions at you.    We all know that anticipating the questions and preparing and practising your answers is the key to reducing nerves and delivering a good interview performance – nothing new there.

But what happens if your interview nerves are mis-read by the interviewer as a lack of interest? It happens a lot.

Disaster! You want the job but the interviewer thinks you don’t – (thanks interview nerves)

Your low-energy, slightly disengaged interview performance is interpreted as a “I could take it or leave it”  – i.e. the LAST thing you want them to think.  This is quite  common amongst nervous interview candidates.  You would love this job, it is a perfect fit for you and you have all of the skills and experience to do it really well.  But the interviewer has somehow concluded that you really couldn’t be bothered with the job since you couldn’t rustle up any discernible enthusiasm for it in the interview.

TELL them you want the job

How can you convince them that your apparent lack of enthusiasm is down to a case of interview nerves and not because you don’t want the job?

There’s a simple fix for how to manage interview nerves if they are being misinterpreted as a lack of interest 😀

TELL them that you want the job. Don’t rely on your body language – it may let you down.  Make sure that you find the opportunity in the interview look them in the eye and tell them that you KNOW you can contribute a huge amount to the role and YOU WOULD REALLY LIKE TO BE GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY.  Say those words.

We will work with to get your interview nerves under control so you can ace your interview. 

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