Should I ask for feedback after my interview rejection?

Rejected! 🥹

Picture the scene. You finally hear back from the company you interviewed with three weeks ago. You open the email and after the first line of “Thank you for attending for interview…..” you spot the word “Unfortunately…”. No point in even reading the rest of it. You delete the mail and try hard to forget about the whole sorry interview experience.  You might  briefly wonder – “should I ask for feedback after my interview rejection?” but decide you don’t want to know.

Interview Rejection? Learn from it

STOP!  Don’t you think it would be worth finding out WHY you didn’t get the job?  Some companies will give you some pointers and feedback on your interview performance. You can  ask for interview feedback after you have received confirmation that you didn’t get the job.

You could find out some really useful information for your next interview

It may seem a bit like torturing yourself – “Please tell me why I FAILED!” but they may tell you something you can fix for the next interview. You may be told that you didn’t sell yourself enough, that you didn’t give them sufficient evidence of your ability to lead a team, or of your ability to work to deadlines and under pressure.  These are things you can fix for the next interview with better and more detailed competency examples.

Einstein was right!

Let’s hear it for Einstein when he said that insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”. Don’t keep repeating the same mistakes in each interview. Request the interview feedback, find out where you are going wrong and do something positive about fixing it.

Of course there is also the chance that the interview feedback may be something bland and useless like – other candidates met the criteria better than you did, or they may not tell you anything at all, but it has to be worth a shot.

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