Soft Skills are Get the Work Done Skills

What is one thing we have learned from looking at 1000’s of job descriptions?…

They often read like the hiring manager suddenly thought πŸ’‘ –  “Oh, I suppose I better throw in a few soft skills at the end. The usual stuff – team player, able to work on their own initiative, able to work under pressure, blah blah blah”.

Most job descriptions primarily focus on the required technical skills and specific experience – aka – the hard skills.

The soft skills are often seen as the poor relation – an afterthought shoved in at the end! ⚠️

🀩 If ever there was a phrase that needed a branding makeover SOFT skills is it.

The hard skills – technical skills and experience describe WHAT you do in the job πŸ“. The soft skills will measure HOW well you do it. βœ… βœ… βœ…

πŸ‘ Give us a candidate with 3 years’ relevant  experience and a can-do, solutions-focused attitude over one with 6 years’ relevant experience and a default response of β€œTell me what to do now” every time they face a work challenge.

Soft skills are Get the Work Done Skills. πŸ”₯

Full disclosure – We asked ChatGPT to suggest some alternatives for the phrase soft skills. It offered: Interpersonal, Social, Personal Effectiveness, Communication, EI, Collaboration, Leadership, Critical Thinking. πŸ‘Ž

πŸ”₯ We still prefer Get the Work Done Skills.