Why are so many employees disengaged?

“I just couldn’t be bothered”

 According to the latest Gallup Employee Engagement report employee engagement in the US is at an 11 year low at 30% for Q1 2024

And before we start to to get too smug in Europe about that figure, the most recent Gallup figures for % of employees actively engaged in Europe is 13%. Ireland is at 11%. 😱

And it’s no surprise that the level of disengagement is highest amongst remote, hybrid and younger workers.

Disengaged employees will do the minimum amount required to get by. But they didn’t start the job with the intention of defaulting to quiet quitting as soon as they got there. What went wrong?

Why are so many employees disengaged?  

❌ Lack of clarity in their role

❌ Lack of purpose in their job – doing what David Graeber called a “bullshit job” in his excellent book of the same name

❌ Lack of or no growth opportunities

❌ Employer not investing in training or upskilling for them

❌ Feeling that no-one in the organisation cares about them. NOTE: they don’t want to be told they are part of a work “family”. They want to feel respected

❌ Lack of transparency in the organisation re how/why decisions are made, who gets promoted or how the employee is doing

Disengaged employees will typically be 18% less productive and have 27% higher absenteeism levels …… and they are unhappy 🥹

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