Mastering your Interview Mindset.. 3 ways to manage your interview nerves!

Nervous? Just about everyone  gets nervous before an interview. ACCEPT that you will be nervous – then you can start to manage your interview nerves.

From working with 1,000’s of clients we have seen first hand the behaviours of those who can master their interview mindset to do an excellent interview. This is all the more impressive from the clients who started off on the process being HUGELY nervous interviewees.

I think I can – I know I can. Start your preparation with interview success in mind – not interview survival!

This is NOT A STRATEGY FOR DOING A GOOD INTERVIEW! “I hope I won’t be absolutely terrible” is setting your aims so low you may as well not bother showing up.  

You need to back yourself to do a great interview 

Instead of setting a goal of just surviving the ordeal and walking out of there still breathing, change your target. Tell yourself that you want to leave the interview feeling you have done yourself justice and that you gave yourself a fighting chance.   

Why would you purposefully allow yourself to aim for mediocrity when you can achieve excellence?   Making a conscious decision to think positively from the start will go a long wat towards managing your interview nerves

Fear of the unknown is the number one reason why people get nervous before their interview 

To manage your interview nerves figure out what parts of the interview process are within your control and then take action to control them. For example…

1. Prior to the interview ask the employer what the structure of the interview will be 
2. Know where the interview is on – and how long it will take you to get there
3. Tech fail fear is REAL – test your Wi-Fi, download latest version of Zoom/Teams
4. Choose and try on what you will wear at least one day before
5. Humanise your interviewers and learn a bit about them– look them  up on LinkedIn  (and let them know you did) 
6. You won’t get it 100% spot-on but use the job description to predict most of the questions
7. Practise your answers out loud for a reality check– everything sounds great in your head 🥹
8. Breathe – deeply before you go in /click start 
9. Don’t bring ‘stuff ‘ in to the interview with you . You may forget it / drop it / it may reveal your shaking hands
10. Tell your interviewer you are a little nervous – once!

We can all have a great plan for how the interview will go……. but what happens when they ask something you hadn’t expected, or worse, just DO NOT KNOW the answer to. Anticipate that this may happen and think about what you will say when it does – it will help to manage your interview nerves. For example….

Buy some time – ask them to repeat the question 

Ask them to rephrase the question“just so I’m sure I understand what you are asking..

Voicing what you are thinking can help to focus your thoughts – eg ” to be honest I wasn’t expecting that question so I am just going to take a few moments to think about it if that’s ok….”  

Don’t be afraid of the silence – interviewers want you to think – not say the first thing that’s comes into your head to fill the silence. 

Bring water with you – take a drink to buy some thinking time 

If you can’t think of an answer, just didn’t know it  or your answer doesn’t go as well as you hoped- BOX IT OFF in your head! LET IT GO – And move on – don’t let one disappointing answer affect your ability to answer all the other questions.  

We will work with you to get your interview nerves under control so that you can ace your interview.