HSE Interview questions

What are likely HSE interview questions? 

The HSE has identified key competencies, defined as the “proven ability to do something effectively” and will ask you questions on each of those competencies during your interview.

We have listed a selection of these competencies and given some sample questions to help you start to prepare for your HSE interview.

Start thinking about how you can give them evidence to prove you have each competency.

From working with clients preparing for this interview we know that the key to giving an answer that will achieve a high score is to structure your answer using STAR*and make YOU and your actions the focus of your answer.

Competency 1 for your HSE interview questions– Planning and Managing Resources

Definition: The ability to efficiently allocate resources that align with HSE Objectives

Sample Question: How do establish priorities to meet deadlines? Give an example of when you had several demands on your time and how you met them.
Competency 2  for your HSE interview questions – Building and Maintaining Relationships

Definition: The capability to establish effective communication and trust among stakeholders to promote a culture of safety and environmental responsibility

Sample Question: Can you tell me about a time when you successfully contributed to a multidisciplinary team?
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Other HSE Interview Question Competences

Competency 3 – Leadership/ Team Management Skills 
Definition : The ability to support and foster a culture of continual learning and improveme

Competency 4 – Personal Effectiveness
Definition : Use effective communication and interpersonal skills

Competency 5 – Commitment to Providing a Quality Service
Definition : Provide a personal commitment to always do your best to keep people safe, protect the environment, and deliver reliable results.

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Current job vacancies in the HSE: https://www.hse.ie/eng/staff/jobs/job-search/

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