Local Government Interview Questions

Preparing for your Local Government Interview? 

Local Government have identified key competencies, defined as the “proven ability to do something effectively” that anyone seeking a role in the Local Government should have. These are tested at your interview.

We have listed a selection of these  competencies and given some sample questions to get you ready for your Local Authority interview.

Start thinking about how you can give your interviewer evidence from your past employment / career to prove you have each competency.

From working with clients preparing for this interview we know that the key to giving an answer that will achieve a high score is to structure it using STAR* and make YOU and your actions the focus of your answer.

Local Government Interview Questions – Competency 1  – Leadership and Strategic Direction 

Definition: Actively contributes to the development of the strategies and policies of the Department/ Organisation

Sample Question: How do you foster positive employee relations? Can you give a specific example?
Local Government Interview Questions – Competency 2  – Management & Delivery of Results

Definition: Takes responsibility for challenging tasks and delivers on time and to a high standard

Sample Question: Give an example of a time when you had to make a difficult decision
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Local Government Interview Questions for Other Competencies

Competency 3 – Building Relationships/ Communication
Definition: Develops and maintains a network of contacts to facilitate problem solving or information sharing

Competency 4 – Judgement & Decision Making
Definition: Considers the wider implications of decisions on a range of stakeholders

Competency 5 – Drive and Commitment to Public Service Values
Definition: Is self-motivated and shows a desire to continuously perform at a high level

More Sample Questions: Contact us for more

Current job vacancies in Local Authorities / Local Government are here 

*PS – if you are wondering what STAR is 🤔 ? Download our free guide to Competency Interviews to learn more


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